Niagara Falls and 1000 Islands are located in Ontario, close to the border between EEUU and Canada. Both of them are pretty interesting, one is very famous around the world and the other one is one of the most curious places I have ever visited.

It was already 3 years ago, when I went to Montreal City to study a french intensive course for a month. Taking the advantage of the weekends I planned several excursions to the main cities and interesting spots relatively close to Montreal. Among them: Toronto, Boston, Niagara Falls, Thousand Island and New York City. Even though 1000 Islands was not any of the destinations I planned, but I just bumped into it along my way to Toronto.

This amazing place owes his name to a simple reason, plenty of islands on the Ontario Lake…but what’s the most awesome feature of it? There are houses on the islands, showing some extraordinary cases as the one in the image on the left.

The lakes in particular have always been very special for me; I find them very charming. Therefore, it was awesome going on ferry along the Lake and passing through heaps of islands with many different shapes and sizes, with cute houses built among pines…fresh air and friendly atmosphere…

On the other hand, Niagara Falls didn’t surprise me as much as I hoped. Nevertheless, I guess I had already seen them in TV many times but they are also nice anyway. There was something that I didn’t like at all; the surrounding area had been built. I don’t mean overbuilt, but just few things such as: a cinema, a casino, one amusement park…such a great Natural Heritage wouldn’t be surrounded by constructions.

However, although I liked better Thousand Island I also enjoyed Niagara Falls, they both are totally recommendable and cool, go there if you have the chance!

1000 Islands will let you open mouthed!




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